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Our Objective

Over the years, Vocational Education (VE) is perceived to be inferior to mainstream Education. Even when the Employment rate & demand is much higher to a Vocational Education Skill.

India is one of the youngest countries, with 52% of the total population coming within the age group of 25 years. Still, It is estimated that only 5 % of the Indian workforce in the age group of 19-24 years received formal Vocational Education. As per the Ministry of Education - National Education Policy 2020 targets to reach 50% of students by 2030 through the school and higher education system to have exposure towards robust next level of vocational Education.

SAFCO wish to Aid GOI New Education Policy 2020 to implement short term Skill courses in mainstream Education. Inviting distinguish corporate sponsors and become the leader in our expertise domain to help in expanding towards the diversified location incorporating world-class technology."