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Our Success Moto is “Help in Transforming Life” with #Skill4All.

At SAFCO candidates who have been Trained & Assessed for critical job trade like in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Civil, Plumbing, Heavy Equipment & Hospitality, At these orientation & assessment candidates are taken through the actual work Testing, involved in the machines & Equipment under the supervision of our experts.

How does this Help ?

It works as a win-win situation for the job aspirants, as they become trained and aware of the work expertise required of them, & the hiring corporation gets trained workforce, so less time is lost in understanding the process, & for us, it helps us to win, retain client’s trust, as our advanced Equipment & module stands as a cornerstone of our unique stand among the competitors.


Avail “Right to Skill” as a fundamental human right, especially at School Education with zero or low Investment for underprivileged children. The higher the level of skill education, the less likely the person is to fall below the poverty line. "


To develop India as a cynosure for Global corporations to meet the Future Ready Skilled Personnel to boost production, attract FDI, and contribute to the overall growth of our economy.