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  • Diploma in Bakery
  • Diploma in Food & Beverages
  • Diploma in front office Operation
  • Diploma in Food Production
  • Barista & QSR
  • House Keeping

The society has moved towards a culture of eating out. Thus, the business of catering has grown by leaps and bounds. A profession in the catering industry is a great one to follow if you have what it takes- passion! Restaurants and hotel facilities both demand competent cooking and catering professionals. SAFCO ensuring the best ingredients and equipments available to the students, one can learn the art, science, technique and method needed to excel in the industry.

Catering entails knowledge on human nutrition, cooking, kitchen and menu nutrition, menu planning, scope and nature of catering services, personal management, etc.

Luxury hotels and resorts:

Luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants need efficient management to service the guest requests well while keeping in mind the economic aspects. It is important to touch upon interpersonal communication, human resources and employee relations. It is important to know the basic information about culinary components of running a successful restaurant or hotel.

SAFCO will give you an opportunity to interact with and learn from the highly experienced, qualified and learned professionals and master-chefs. You will gain critical learning like food preparation, buffet techniques and methods of food sanitations.

Barista & QSR

Many interesting professions like being a BARISTA have gained popularity. It is for those passionate about coffee,Tea and other related beverages. It includes experience with a coffee roasting machine, working behind the counter, serving hot drinks, beverages and snacks. While a vivacious personality works great for a barista, you will acquire top notch customer service skills, ability to work under pressure with high customer traffic and an eye for detail.


Housekeeping is an essential necessity for the luxury hotels business & Facility Management Companies. From light cleaning, making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls and vacuuming, the course trains the student in interpersonal skills as well. It is also crucial to know maintenance skills for maximizing efficiency.